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Apple iPhone – another revolution begins



After several years of rumours & gossip about whether Apple would come up with a mobile phone of their own, they finally released to the world on January 9th 2007 a revolutionary device that incorporates an iPod, a smartphone and an internet browsing device. So what you might say, my phone does all that… but this thing is different. The iPhone with 4GB & 8GB storage and a 2 Megapixel camera, brings to the mobile phone market the effortless user interface & integration between a handheld device & the iTunes software on your computer that made the iPod the massive hit that it was & still is today.

Lets face it, most mobile phones are a pain in the ass to use with fiddly little clunky buttons. Instead of fixed plastic buttons that dictate that you can only have a small screen, Apple got rid of them and used one giant touch screen that covers the whole face of the unit. The controls & buttons change instantly depending on what you are doing at the time. If you are scrolling through your music or contacts, it is in full screen. If you want to send an email or sms, a little keyboard pops up down the bottom of the screen. If you want to view a movie or photo it covers the whole screen & If you want to view them in widescreen, you simply turn the unit to the side & it automatically shifts to widescreen. To zoom a photo in & out you use a pinching motion with 2 fingers. All this and much more is possible because it runs on a customized version of the powerful Mac OSX operating system, that’s right OSX, the same system that powers all of Apple’s computers.


It has wireless internet & bluetooth built in and a full size email & web browser built in, so that you can zoom in & out of web pages also. You can just find any wireless hotspot & start surfing the web including google maps & google earth, email & soon you’ll even be able to make free phone calls via Skype. It treats voice mail like a visual email type interface and you can make 3 way conference calls. And because it uses Mac OSX, iPhone can use the thousands of free Widgets that are available for OSX for instantly checking anything from stocks, news headlines, sports results or weather to web cams, jokes, TV & movie guides & recipes. Or you can create a widget yourself if there is something you want to be able to do specifically. The other thing is that Apple can update the firmware & OSX system software itself to add more features whenever it wants. Oh yeah I forgot it’s a mobile phone too!

I think you get the idea… this thing changes the game, it’s another Apple revolution in the making. But unlike 25 years ago when they invented the mouse & a graphical user interface, but didn’t patent it, this time they patented everything. So it’ll take years for the rest of the industry to catch up. Try copying this one Microsoft!

To check out the amazing demos of all these features go here:


The Iraq War – 4 years on


After nearly 4 years of fighting a war that should never have happened, I think it’s clear to most people that George Bush & his administration as well as the so called coalition of the willing, were severely deluded in their judgement of the situation & totally arrogant & therefore unprepared for what was about to take place after the invasion.

One of the biggest mistakes they made (and they made many), was sacking & disbanding all of Saddam’s army who really didnt have any allegiance or want to fight for Saddam anyway. By sacking them, they created an instant band of unemployed, angry & desperate men with army training & expertise in weapons. This is where the Iraq resistance, a new guerilla movement with growing popular support began. The US now calls them the “Insurgents”.

Iraq now find’s itself in a quagmire of suicide bombers and factional religious fighting between the Sunni’s and the Shiites. Interestingly, Sunni’s are a majority in the Arab and the Muslim world. In Iraq, Shiites are a majority. The vast majority of Kurds are Sunnis. Turkmen are mostly Sunni. Saddam Hussain & his Baath Party followers were Sunni’s and it is thought that much of the Baath party still exists in the guise of the “insurgents”. So after first turning their attention in a more unified resistance against the US lead invaders, Shiites & Sunnis are now fighting between each other, renewing old hatreds and making new one’s in what seems to be an unofficial civil war spiralling out of control.

Now that this hornets nest has been unleashed, there are no easy solutions as to how to fix this mess. It’s hard to know what to do. Would it get worse if the US left tomorrow? Probably, but one thing is for sure though, the situation will not improve as long as there is a foreign invading force in the country. George Bush doesnt seem to believe this though, so after ignoring his Dad’s former mate James Baker & his intelligent recommendations to work with the other countries in the region, Bush is sending in more troops. Not necesarily to help the Iraqi people, but in an attempt as he himself put it in his speech, ” to save my Presidency”.

Dear John – a letter to our Prime Minister


Here is a letter I found the other day that I wrote to the Prime Minister of Australia just before the Iraq invasion. At the time there was a groundswell of support against the invasion with millions of people all around the world marching the streets demanding their leaders listen to them. History will show that the people were right to protest and it will also show that they were simply ignored.


His reply was both measured and predictable: