Monthly Archives: October 2006

The iPod is 5 years old.


As a long time mac fan I remember when the iPod came out 5 years ago, Apple said it would be a revolutionary device, but I and many others thought ” big deal, why would I need one of those”. So I held out from buying one for 3 years, eventually finding a reason to purchase a 20GB 4th gen iPod.

Nine minutes later our iTunes library of well over 2500 tracks was sucked up & transferred to the iPod. We use it mainly at work plugged into our stereo for music all day long & driving in our cars with a Fm transmitter sending it to the car stereo. iTunes & iPod have changed the way we listen to & purchase music. We’ve discovered so many new bands & artists & have a greater appreciation of music now than we ever did. After an upgrade to a new 30Gb iPod video we now also keep our favourite photos & home videos on the iPod to show our friends & family, as well as using it as a portable hard drive for computer files. The iPod was and still is a revolutionary product.

And Apple has indeed begun to capitalise on the iPod “halo effect” with mac sales up in every market & it’s US marketshare up 32% where Apple currently holds 6.1 percent of the U.S. PC market, making the company the fourth most popular PC maker in the country. Figures also reveal that over half these sales are to people who have shifted to Apple Mac’s from Windows. Mac evangelists call it “the second coming for Apple”… and they’re not far off the mark.