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Dubya Dub – George Bush remix.



I have been working on this track that I call “Dubya Dub” under my artist name “Buckster” for about 12 months now. It’s a satirical piece that uses humour in an attempt to explain just why so many of us see George W Bush as both a cruel joke and an incredibly dangerous man due to his simplistic views on the world. The fact that such a simple man, with fundamentalist right wing views can become the most powerful man in the world with his finger on the button is a scary thought indeed.

I’ve combined many different sounds in Dubya Dub, from the hillybilly banjo & it’s grungy distorted electric guitar chorus sections, a thumping dance bass beat, the drum kit, tambourines, bongos and of course the crazy actual quotes from George Dubya himself.

Try listening carefully, and see if you can decifer all the quotes. Some of the gems include “I know that human being and fish can co-exist peacefully” and ” your working hard to put food on your family”. Wise words indeed.

Note that none of the quotes have been doctored, edited or altered at all. Download it & have a laugh.

click here to download Dubya Dub

Also, I don’t know whether you have heard of a competition being run by radio station Triple J in Australia called Unearthed. Basically they have set up a website that lets emerging young music artists submit their songs so that everyone can sample them & if they like them, they can vote for them & even download them.

Theres some really great music on there.

Anyway if you would like to vote for my song, go to this link below:
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