Monthly Archives: April 2006

Cool Podcasts


I love podcasts, they give you the option to listen to your favourite radio show when and where you want on your iPod. Here are the Podcasts that I have subscribed to and I highly recommend having a listen to. I really enjoy racing around doing my vegetarian food deliveries & listening to these shows.

To subscribe to these shows:
In iTunes – Click on the “Advanced” menu up the top.
Choose “Subscribe to Podcast”
Paste the URL of the podcast in the box.
Click OK.

Now these shows will be automatically downloaded to your computer every time you open iTunes. Then when you plug in your iPod, they will be automatically transferred to your iPod under the “Podcast” menu in “Music”

Dr Karl – triple j’s science guru.
An edited package of Dr Karl’s magical hour, Live on Mornings with Zan. It’s roughly an hour devoted to the collective exploration of some of the great mysteries of life, such as “why does the water in the shower slow down just when it gets hot?”

Hack Highlights
Steve Cannane and the Hack team deliver the goods on what’s news around the country and internationally. They have some really interesting stories about all sorts of issues that affect all Australians & young aussies in particular.