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George Bush always planned to invade Iraq.


Citing a confidential British Memo, the New York Times reported yesterday that President George Bush was certain that war was inevitable and made it clear to British PM Tony Blair in January 2003 that he was determined to invade Iraq without a UN resolution and even if UN inspectors failed to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.


This revelation is even more scary given the Presidents continuing agressive rhetoric towards Iran threatening invasion unless they abandon nuclear enrichment. It would be easy to draw the conclusion that like the Iraq invasion, President Bush has allready made up his mind to invade Iran & is simply going through the motions of readying the US people & the international community for a new war in Iran.


Windows XP on IntelMacs



UPDATED: Apple on Tuesday created a stir when it introduced Boot Camp, public beta software that enables Intel-based Macs to also run Windows XP natively.

The software, which is available as a download beginning today, allows users with a Microsoft Windows XP installation disc to easily install Windows XP on an Intel-based Mac, and once installation is complete, users can restart their computer to run either Mac OS X or Windows XP in full speed.

Two weeks before Apple announced Boot Camp, a contest started by a user who promised his boss that a new MacBook Pro would boot Windows XP at full processor speed so it could replace an aging IBM desktop, was won by a guy who calls himself narf2006. He succeeded in being the first person on the net to develop a solution to boot Windows XP on Intel-based Macs that has been confirmed by testers on various systems, and won US$13,854 in the process. I wonder if Apple had already cracked it & just waited until someone else cracked it too before releasing Boot camp or did they use narf’s crack to make Boot camp?.

The crew over at Gearlog have even benchmarked the speed of 3 intelmacs running Windows XP. They booted XP on a 20″ iMac, a MacBook Pro, and a Mac Mini Intel Core Duo all in the same room, and ran various tests between them and compared them to a few dual core Windows laptops. The MacBook Pro beat four other Core Duo laptops on the Photoshop test. The two Mac desktops outran even blazing-fast single core systems, which typically do the Windows Media Encoder test in 10-13 minutes.

This opens up huge possibilities for thousands of people who really want a Mac, but need a quick pc for work, to play PC based games or to do programming on it in Windows XP. Now they can boot into Windows XP to do their work & then restart into Mac OSX when they get home to do all the fun stuff! It’s two computers for the price of one. Of course Apple knows like we do that once people start using the vastly superior Mac OSX, they wont bother booting into Windows unless they absolutely have to.

Cool gadget – The iTrip fm transmitter



As far as cool stuff goes, theres not many nifty gadgets around that are better than this. Anyone who owns an iPod should get one of these amazing accessories that plug into your iPod & transmitt the songs or podcasts playing to the nearest fm radio, whether it’s in your car, home or work. Theres no need for batteries as the iTrip draws it’s power from your iPod.

All you do is plug it in, tune your radio to 87.9 ( or change it to suit your needs) and you’ve got your own remote control mobile jukebox. The sound quality is surprisingly really quite good. You can get various models to suit any iPod, from the original pictured above to new versions with digital tuner & buttons to choose the frequency.

Desalination Plant in Port Kennedy



As a long time resident of Golden Bay, a one hours drive south of Perth Western Australia I have watched these once secluded pristine beaches gradually become more & more developed to the extent that “Surf Beach” at Secret Harbour is now the Perth metropolitan area’s second most crowded surf spot after Trigg Point with sometimes close to a thousand surfers using the beach on any hot summers day.

In the old days 10 or so years ago we would drive our 4wd’s along the deserted “surf beach”, pull up at an empty peak & surf perfect waves all day long. When the Secret Harbour developers came along we surfers watched them bulldoze the huge 60 – 70 ft sand dunes right down to the water to provide a nice view for the future residents & for the car parks & surf club. We didnt know it at the time but by flattening the dunes they also destroyed the natural sand flow, hence ruining the waves for many years to come.

Now the Water Corporation of WA proposes to build a desalination plant at Port Kennedy & run intake & outlet pipes either at Secret Harbour( surf beach) or at Golden Bay. The obvious question that must be asked is why would you ruin these pristine beaches & upset their delicate ecosystem of seagrass, fish, penguins dolphins & sharks, by putting in an environmentally destructive desalination plant when there are already areas of coastal land which have been totally ruined up in the Rockingham/Kwinana industrial strip that you could use instead?

To voice your official protest , contact Toni Cowell – Project Environmental Officer via email at: or phone her on 08 9420 3253.

To email more WA government ministers go here:

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