An unjust war


Now onto a more serious subject. Is it just me or does anyone else see the great irony of the illegal invasion of Iraq by the US, Great Britain & Australia. Originally we were told we had to go to war in order to help rid the world of weapons of mass destruction ( WMD’s) by getting them out of the hands of an unstable & dangerous tyrant.

The weird thing is though, Saddam didnt have them in Iraq after all, but now Iraq is full of them. However it is not the Iraqi’s that are firing them, but the coalition forces. Since the first gulf war, the US has been firing depleted uranium (DU) ammunitions all over Iraq with devastating consequences.

This depleted uranuim is a waste product from nuclear plants, is molded into shape & put on the warheads. This apparently makes the bombs cut through metal easier & also makes it explode & burn “better”, while at the same time spreading radioactive particles around the area. These particles however have been shown by numerous studies to become airborn and can travel many hundreds of kilometres.


The incidence of cancer in the Iraqi people is now tenfold of what it was 20 years ago and the growing number of gruesome birth deformites cropping up every day in their hospitals is proof that the invading forces have created a Vietnam style quagmire of pain & suffering for the Iraqi people. Is it any wonder then that they show their frustration & anger towards the occupying forces?


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