A new beginning



January 2006 marked a major new step in personal computing. After many years of relying on IBM & Motorola to come up with faster PowerPC processors( and continual disappointment ), Apple made the huge leap to the dark side, and released their first computers based on Intel processors, the iMac & the Macbook Pro.

Both sport dual core (twin processor) intel chips at 2.0 & 1.83 Ghz. The iMac is said to be 200-300% faster than the PowerPC G5 model it replaces, while the Macbook Pro’s 1.8 dual core intel chip is up to 400% faster than the 1.67 G4 PowerPC processor that it replaces.

The speed differences are not the only leap forward for Apple, both intel chips run much cooler, enabling Apple to start working on smaller thinner designs. Also, the switch to intel means that anyone could feasibly simply install Windows ( if they must) and boot into it at full speed anytime they need to use a PC only program, like when they go to work. Then when they get home they could boot up into Mac OSX.

Soon Microsoft, with their Virtual PC software and others like iEmulator http://www.iemulator.com/ and also Win Tel http://openosx.com/wintel/ will release emulator software that will allow you to run Windows & Mac OSX on the same screen, at the same time at full speed. This will surely open up a huge market share for Apple, which will tap into the millions of people who would like to go Mac, but have to have a PC for those one or two programs that they have to use for work such as graphic design studios, Architects & Engineers.

With the millions of iPod users around the world thinking of trying Apple Macs due to the ease of use factor and because of the many viruses, worms & crashes in the Windows system, this is perfect timing for Apple to cement a bigger and bigger market share.

The smart people will buy a Mac next time & have the best of both worlds.


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  1. Ah you’re a Mac-pot mate !!! Get rid of ya Mac and buy a real computer ! Geez, those new Apple machines are good for chuckin’ in ponds, that’s what I reckon. Send ’em to the bottom of the swamp where they belong. And chuck that Jobs bloke in as well. He can go play with all them pesky swamp critters and stop causing trouble up here !

  2. Ha! funny post doofus, btw how do you know what I smoke in my spare time? However I think I’ll pass on Gates’s crash prone, virus riddled inferior system thats already about 4 years old & stick with a stable, virus free operating system that MS has always copied right from the start!

  3. Eh nice Blog Buckmaster. Hope it goes well.

    Dual chip laptop does sound impressive. I wander how fast these new Mac laptops are compared to a straight-up Windows XP Pro laptop ?

    Should be interesting to see how this Mac v PC thing pans out. That said, I think you overstate the virus thing with PC’s- good antivirus software works. My PC has been down with a virus only once in 2.5 years, and that took only 20 mins to fix. Not bad really.

    Also, not a single crash for my PC since I cant remember when. Cant day the same for my Mac …. run five or six apps at once and flick between the two often and down she goes …

    PC’s of old were ordinary compared to Mac.s But I’m afraid to say WIndows XP has overtaken the Mac. Faster, more intuitive and more powerful user interface.

    I use both Mac’s and PC’s – I own two of each – dont really give a sh##te which one I use- but find myself on the PC 8 times out of 10. Quick, easy and powerful to use.

    And Windows doesnt force you to setup and configure the way you store your files, use the machine etc – Mac always seems to require the user to do things and set things up certain ways, as deemed appropriate by Mac designers. This is seriously frustrating. PC always lets you do what you damn well please, even if this means having to read the Help files sometimes.

    Mac’s look pretty and work well if you arent a power user, and they are easier to set up initially-true plug n play- but if you dont care for pretty and want fully flexible ongoing configuration options, speed and power, PC’s are quite ahead.

    Oh, yeah nice post Doofus. Stick to smoking your wacky baccy down there in ‘Gator Country ‘ol fella !

    PS dont forget that Apple stole the Mac version of Windows from Xerox PARC.

  4. Thanks Magee,
    It’s horses for courses I suppose and thats the great thing about living in a free society, that we have the choice to choose whatever we want to. I must say however that while it appears you prefer the way the Windows system works, a large and ever increasing number of people including many PC mags, such as APC rate Mac OSX as a far superior system than Windows XP.

    APC Magazine Monday 19, January 2004 | By Dan Warne
    ” Apple has once again lapped Microsoft in the operating system race. With Windows “Longhorn” still three years away, the smooth interface and robust underpinnings of OS X 10.3 (aka “Panther”) leaves XP’s cluttered 2D interface eating dust, and signposts the road we expect Windows and Linux to follow in the years ahead. OS X’s column view for folder navigation is arguably the best file browser in any operating system. While Windows forces users to burrow several layers deep into folders, Panther’s column view traverses folders using side-by-side columns.”

    No doubt speed comparisons between dual core intelmacs & Wintels willl be posted up on the net in the next few days & weeks. I think you may be surprised of the speed of intel OSX now that it’s on a level playing field with Wintel boxes on a 4 year old system.

    At last count Windows had over 70000 viruses, Mac OSX – 0. I’ve had 1 crash on OSX in 4 years, thats with usually 10-15 open apps going all day long most days!( try sharing your mac with a chick)… your G4 shouldnt be crashing at all eh!… might need a good Disk Utility tune up( allthough installing Tiger will fix that).

    Dunno about the power user stuff mate… most graphics, music & digital video shops are on macs cause they have less problems with them doing heavy intensive work all day long…

    And good luck running Windows Vista ( Longhorn) on your current PC guys, apparently to make it as “Pretty” as OSX and harness ( by copying) OSX’s powerful graphics capabilities like Quartz Extreme, you’ll need the latest yet to be released dual core PC chips & heaps of RAM.

    I shall respond to mac “stealing” the GUI of “Windows” from Xerox in another blog soon with a full history of the GUI… although the price of 1 million dollars worth of Apple stock for a study of their GUI seems fair.

    thanks magee take care mate…

  5. Godamm you fellas sure are a hoot ! Hoooo we I laughed at how serious ya’ll are when comes to your computers ! Sounds like you boys are spending too much time in front of your machines than with your little women. Try whackin with her sometime instead of your machine !

    Anyways, now Mr Magee or whatever hell your name is dont you go giving me smart alec remarks about my American heritage or my Southern style. Elsewise I’ll hunt down your sorry ass. Goddam, this great country USA didnt take out those damn Iraqui SOB’s for me to have to put with being called a swamp critter in my own country. Hell no !!! Just like Dubbya dealt with them I’ll DEAL WITH YOU.

  6. Ah stick it up your clacker you moonshine swilling gun crazy war-mad redneck . Tell your wife to stop putting metho in your whiskey you old coot. It rots your mind and it will give you a limp pecker, you crazy old skunk.

    Sod off.


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