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A new beginning



January 2006 marked a major new step in personal computing. After many years of relying on IBM & Motorola to come up with faster PowerPC processors( and continual disappointment ), Apple made the huge leap to the dark side, and released their first computers based on Intel processors, the iMac & the Macbook Pro.

Both sport dual core (twin processor) intel chips at 2.0 & 1.83 Ghz. The iMac is said to be 200-300% faster than the PowerPC G5 model it replaces, while the Macbook Pro’s 1.8 dual core intel chip is up to 400% faster than the 1.67 G4 PowerPC processor that it replaces.

The speed differences are not the only leap forward for Apple, both intel chips run much cooler, enabling Apple to start working on smaller thinner designs. Also, the switch to intel means that anyone could feasibly simply install Windows ( if they must) and boot into it at full speed anytime they need to use a PC only program, like when they go to work. Then when they get home they could boot up into Mac OSX.

Soon Microsoft, with their Virtual PC software and others like iEmulator and also Win Tel will release emulator software that will allow you to run Windows & Mac OSX on the same screen, at the same time at full speed. This will surely open up a huge market share for Apple, which will tap into the millions of people who would like to go Mac, but have to have a PC for those one or two programs that they have to use for work such as graphic design studios, Architects & Engineers.

With the millions of iPod users around the world thinking of trying Apple Macs due to the ease of use factor and because of the many viruses, worms & crashes in the Windows system, this is perfect timing for Apple to cement a bigger and bigger market share.

The smart people will buy a Mac next time & have the best of both worlds.


Welcome to cool stuff!


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