Fix Indesign hyperlink to an image issue


InDesign script Screen ShotHeres another cool little trick that I just stumbled across. Apparently Indesign on Adobe CS6 has a bug that doesn’t allow you to make an image have a hyperlink. This is a handy thing to be able to do, so you can produce a pdf for people and they can click on an image and it will take them to a particular webpage.

So your supposed to be able to do thisin Indesign CS6, but somewhere along the way, the URL gets corrupted and the link goes to no where.

Go to this link to read about his problem:

Here’s an Adobe forum with the script you need to copy and save as a .jsx file to use to fix this problem: (scroll down to aybee101 06/11/2012 2:29 AM)

And heres a step by step guide on how to install a script in Adobe InDesign:


Write to NTFS (windows) hard drives on a Mac


Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 7.53.50 pmThis is a cool little trick for all mac users to be able to write to previously unwritable NTFS drives

( like the stock standard WD drives )

This is cool stuff… (and it’s not hard to follow)

Writing to NTFS drives is a functionality that’s been built into OS X for some time. For whatever reason, though, it’s an option that Apple has chosen to hide from the sight of the average user. What this means for you is that in order to enable writing to an NTFS drive, you’re going to need to dive into Terminal which is located within the Utilities folder.

Once in Terminal type:

sudo nano /etc/fstab

The sudo command is telling Terminal that you’d like to be granted administrator access to the command line. That means you’re going to need to enter the administrator password and press Enter.

If you’ve never used Terminal before, it might come as a surprise that when entering a password, rather than showing what you’re typing Terminal will show nothing at all.

When you’re finished typing your password, you’ll be brought to a program that looks like something out of the 80’s. The program is called nano and it’s the text editor that’s built into Terminal. The file that you’ll edit is called stab.  It’s a system configuration file that’s responsible for the drives and partitions connected to the Mac.

Within nano type:

LABEL=drivename none ntfs rw,auto,nobrowse

Make sure to replace drivename with the name of the drive. The drive’s name should contain no spaces, as adding a space to the configuration file would tell your Mac to interpret whatever’s after that space as a separate command.

Finally, press Control-O to save the file and Control-X to exit nano.

With the hard work of editing system configuration files out of the way, navigate to Finder and unmount the drive. When the drive has been unmounted, unplug it from the Mac and then plug it back in.

You’ll notice that the drive no longer shows up in Finder’s Devices menu or on the desktop. This is due to it’s precarious existence as a hidden feature. Luckily, there’s a pretty simple workaround for this. Within Finder’s menubar, click Go and then Go to Folder. Type /volumes as the path and press Enter. 

Once inside OS X’s hidden Volumes folder, you can drag your NTFS drive to the sidebar underneath the Favorites tab in the sidebar for easy access. You’re now able to read and write to an NTFS drive!

UPDATE: While this fix works the first time to access an NTFS formatted hard drive, I found the next time I went to view the hard drive, I couldn’t find the drive at all! So I reversed this process and took all that stuff I had just pasted into terminal OUT.. then I simply installed Paragon’s NTFS For Mac OS X

Install this as a trial and give it a try (it’s worth buying) and you have full access forever to any NTFS hard drive. I should have tried that first! as I was trying to access someone’s hard drive with a strict deadline and this saved the day.

Vimeo – some of my video’s are here..


vimeoIv’e been into video production for years. In fact, I had started making short movies back when “you tube” was something you grabbed to go down the Adventure World rapids!

Finally over summer, I have had time to start going through all my video’s, surf vids, documentaries, uni video’s etc & upload them to Vimeo.

Why Vimeo & not you tube? Well, it’s more for artists than you tube, however, I’ll get on there soon too..

check them out here:

Digimac blog


digimacblogWere very proud to announce that our brand spanking new blog page for Mac Stuff, PC stuff, Digital gear, tech support, web design stuff, video stuff etc is now up and running.

We set this up to complement cool stuff and to separate digital stuff from truly cool stuff. Included is a twitter feed with all sorts of random posts about apple Macs, tips, iPhones and iPad accessories that we use ourselves and recommend. Well also be tweeting other stuff about sustainability, active transport & environmental issues that were interested in.

Check out the new blog and let us know what you think at:

Our Bhutan Journey – We got married!



  In November 2008 Audra & I went to the secretive little Himalayan country of Bhutan. It was an incredible time to be there as we were lucky enough to see the celebrations for the 5th Kings Coronation which was an amazing thing to share with these beautiful and gentle local people who love their royal family so much.

Here is some of the diary that I wrote about it:

On the flight back there was none of the excitement and anticipation that was present on the way in. There was just a quiet introspective mood with everyone reflecting on the incredible experiences through this magical kingdom of Bhutan that we had all taken part in. As I sat on the plane writing this account of our trip and we plunged further back into modern civilisation, I couldn’t help wondering whether this amazing journey was just a dream.

DAY 2:

We were again treated to clear skies as we wake up early for breakfast where we meet a group of film makers from National Geographic, who are in town for the Coronation celebrations. After a quick breakfast, we drove west out of town to view the massive white peak of Mt Jhomolari (7314m) which is almost always shrouded by cloud, but luckily in full view in the brilliant sunshine. Like all Bhutanese peaks, it has never been climbed by any human out of superstition and respect by the locals. It’s stark white unadulterated peak, rises from behind several heavily forested hills in the foreground, creating an unforgettable sight. We stop in a small village to take photo’s of the peak & even more interesting shots of the local people going about their daily lives.

We then travelled through various quaint little villages to the carpark at the start of our two hour hike up to Taktshang Goemba, most commonly known as “The Tigers Nest”. Taktshang is easily the most famous of Bhutans monasteries, as it incredibly sits perched on a 900m high cliff at an altitude of 3140m. The Bhutanese believe it was attached with the help of angel hairs. The trail up is very steep and rocky, with many people taking the easier option of a ride on a mule up the mountain, which after a short time seems like a really good idea as we were all suffering from the change in altitude. The hike starts in lush forest with crystal clear streams flowing under bridges and tinkling through small bells mounted in shrines or “Stupors” which are found in every corner of Bhutan.

As we continued up the mountain and the terrain grows steeper and more rugged, we passed numerous groups of mules & donkeys on their way back down after dropping their passengers off. My nerves started to grow as I think of how and where I am going to pop the question to Audra after all these years together. Between panting & puffing I decide I’ll just see what happens and trust myself to know the right time when I see it.

Halfway up we were greeted by the welcome sight of the teahouse, which served us a banquet of lovely Bhutanese food, much of it containing their favourite vegetable, the chilli. We sit, rest, eat and marvel at the panoramic views of The Tigers Nest on the cliffside across the deep ravine. After eating way too much, we continued up the mountain, past springs where we were told by Rinchin to bless ourselves for good luck and past a cave which marks the birth of the previous Je Khenpho, where Rinchin stopped and told us his story. A short distance from here bring us to a spectacular lookout and small guesthouse where bhuddist groups sometimes stay. We all lighted a butter lamp in the adjoining butter lamp room, which is very hot from the hundreds of candles flickering in there. After hanging some long prayer flags across the trail, helped by a friendly young Bhutanese girl staying there. We started the descent down the very steep 800 steps carved out of the cliff, down past a bridge & waterfall covered with hundreds of colourful prayer flags, past the Snow Lion Cave meditation retreat, jammed into a rock crevice which is used by monks, Lama’s & Gurus, before we climbed back up to the monastery entrance. I was starting to get really nervous now.

We arrived to be greeted by two army soldiers guarding the temple, and we had to take off our shoes & leave our cameras & bags with them downstairs before starting our tour of the monastery. We were very fortunate that we arrived late in the day due to our tour groups tendency for procrastination, as there were no other tourists in the monastery now, so the head Lama could show us around personally, as he normally doesn’t have the time to spend with foreigners. Inside, monks dart around sweeping & cleaning amongst the gothic architecture as the sun casts long shadows in the late afternoon light.

We headed up to the most holy place in the monastery, the Dubkhang, a cave where Guru Rimpoche meditated for three months after flying on the back of a tigress back to this very place where he is said to have subdued the local demon Singey Samdrup. Outside the cave in a small room is a statue & shrine of

Dorje Drolo, the manefestation that the guru assumed to fly on the tigress. It is here that after we prostrated three times to the shrine, the head Lama gave us each a Bhutanese name and joked around with us as our guide translated the meanings of each name for us.

It was at this time with the late afternoon sun streaming through the cliffside window that I thought, well there’s never going to be a better time than this, so I quietly slipped the box containing a ring I had brought over from Audra’s favourite shop in Fremantle, out of my pocket and summoned all my courage to speak up through building tears and said, “ I’d just like to say something.” I turned to Audra and said “ Boody, will you marry me?” She was in total shock, so I said it again and she hugged me and said “Yeah of course I will”. There were tears everywhere with everyone’s faces showing disbelief, joy and happiness all at the same time. The Lama summoned us over through our guide Rinchin and proceeded to tie a knot in a white scarf that had been on the shrine to Guru Rinpoche and put it around both our necks. He then took the gold ring which sparkled in the late afternoon sun and placed it on Audras finger before closing his eyes and chanting for about half a minute. Little did we know, but he was marrying us according to Bhutanese tradition and before we knew it, after the shortest engagement in history, we were married in front of seven special witnesses who we were privileged to share this magical experience with, including Audra’s best friend Michelle and my best mate Dave.

We were to learn later that night that this was the first wedding of foreigners and possibly the first ever wedding within one of the most holy shrines in Bhutan. To top it all off, on the way back down the mountain, past the lookout, we were summoned into the small guesthouse to meet a great Lama who had just came off a long meditation of several weeks there. Sitting cross legged in a room overlooking the Tigers Nest with his laptop & mobile phone next to him was none other but the Lama who is said to be the 16th re-incarnation of Guru Rimpoche. No one else knew he was here and our guide Rinchin was so excited as he had wanted to meet him his entire life all all Bhutanese do. He placed another knotted white scarf around our necks and said to us in perfect English, “ have a wonderful life together” before throwing rice over us. It only dawned on us several days later how important he is in Bhutan as next to Buddha in every temple was a large statue of Guru Rimpoche himself.

On the way back down the mountain in fading light our guide Rinchin, came up to me and put his arm around me and said

” I think, what just happened…was a miracle…”

… stay tuned for the documentary

welcome back!


Well I’m back here , my last post was November 2007! wow, time flies… i just dont seem to have the time anymore to post, and so much has happened in the last year or so. Basicly I started posting up here a lot when Aud’s & I had separated for a year( almost exactly to the day). It passed the time while I was alone I guess. We are now thankfully back together and happier than ever! ( read the next post for more details)

I am going to try and post up more often as I now have wordpress on my iPhone, so I might just jot small thoughts up here regulary. Like a proper blog should be. More like a digital diary and notepad…

I touched a UFO: ex-air force pilot



A group of former pilots who have recounted seeing strange phenomena in the sky has demanded the US government reopen an investigation into UFOs. Several pilots offered dramatic accounts of witnessing UFOs – including a transparent flying disc and a triangular craft with mysterious markings – as they insisted their questions needed to be taken seriously more than 30 years after the US file was closed.

“We want the US government to stop perpetuating the myth that all UFOs can be explained away in down-to-earth, conventional terms,” said Fife Symington, former governor of Arizona and air force pilot who says he saw a UFO in 1997.

“Instead our country needs to reopen its official investigation that it shut down in 1969,” Symington said. The subject of UFOs came up in a recent debate among US presidential candidates, with Democrat Dennis Kucinich saying he once saw a UFO – making him the object of ridicule and jokes by late night television comedians.

Sceptics say UFO sightings are merely aircraft, satellites or meteors re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere. But the retired pilots spoke to a sympathetic audience of UFO “believers” who heard them recall their encounters with seemingly other-worldly objects appearing out of the sky. “Nothing in my training prepared me for what we were witnessing,” said James Penniston, a retired US Air Force pilot, as he described seeing and touching a UFO when he was stationed at a British air base in Woodbridge.

He said he saw an inexplicable triangular craft in a clearing in the woods with “blue and yellow lights swirling around the exterior”. The UFO was “warm to the touch and felt like metal,” Penniston said. One side of the craft had pictorial symbols and “the largest symbol was a triangle, which was centred in the middle of the others,” he said. Then after 45 minutes the light from the object “began to intensify” and it then “shot off at an unbelievable speed” before 80 Air Force personnel, he said. “In my logbook, I wrote ‘speed: impossible’.”

“One of our most important civil aviation cases occurred in 1988, showing that unidentified flying objects can be a danger for air operations,” he said. “A Boeing 737 pilot on a final approach to the runway at the Puerto Montt airport suddenly encountered a large white light surrounded by green and red. The pilot took a sharp turn to avoid a collision, according to Bravo.
The panel included a former Iranian fighter pilot, Parviz Jafari, who said in 1976 he tried in vain to fire from his jet at an “object which was flashing with intense red, green, orange and blue light” over Tehran. But when he approached, “my weapons jammed and my radio communications garbled”. A former Air France captain, Jean-Charles Duboc, said in 1994 he and his crew saw “a huge flying disc” near Paris with a diameter of about 300 metres that left no sign on radar. The disc “became transparent and disappeared in about 10 to 20 seconds,” Duboc said.

The former pilot said like other major airlines Air France was mindful of its image and it was difficult to raise the subject of UFOs.
A former official with the Federal Aviation Administration, John Callahan, said government agencies discourage inquiries into UFOs. “‘Who believes in UFOs?’ is the kind of attitude of the FAA all the time,” he said. “However, when I asked the CIA person: ‘What do you think it was,’ he responded ‘a UFO’. When Callahan suggested the government tell Americans about a UFO, the CIA official allegedly told him: “‘No way, if we were to tell the American public there are UFOs they would panic.”‘